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Bullfrogs and Butterflies - complete 4 CD SET

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Bullfrogs and Butterflies:
God is My Friend CD (1st CD)

1. Welcome to Agapeland
2. Good Morning
3. This Is The Day
4. Narrarator
5. Rainy Day Song
6. Kid Talk
7. I Like Knowing God The Best
8. My Hands Belong To You
9. Friends

10. Practice Makes Perfect
11. Bullfrogs and Butterflies
12. Noah
13. You're So Good to Me

Bullfrogs and Butterflies:
God Loves Fun CD (2nd CD)

1. Oh Me Oh My
2. A Great Big God 
3. God Likes Fun
4. Diamond in the Rough 
5. Gifts in My Heart 
6. Make a Noise 
7. King of My Heart
8. Today Is My Favorite Day 
9. I Love You Lord
10. Everything I See 
11. Shout Hallelujah 
12. The Lions Weren't Hungry Last Night 
13. Friends Forever

Bullfrogs and Butterflies: 
God is Great! (3rd CD)

1. Oh Me, Oh My
2. My Favorite Things
3. God's Wonderful Love
4. Knock, Knock, Knock
5. I Know Somebody Who Knows
6. I Love To Say Your Name
7. Floydd Frogg
8. There's Been a Metamorphosis
9. Jesus Gave Me Wings
10. It's Time to Let My People Go
11. I Will Praise You, O Lord
12. My Favorite Things (Reprise)

Bullfrogs and Butterflies:
I've Been Born Again (4th CD)

1. Floydd Frogg Theme
2. An Empty Place
3. Your Conscience
4. Jesus Was A Little Kid Too
5. Jesus Is Never Too Busy
6. Your Heart
7. Come To The Light
8. Something I Have Missed
9. Into My Heart Thank You Lord
10. I've Been Born Again
11. My Best Friend
12. An Empty Place (Reprise)


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